We offer design and project management services for the making of environments and spaces for entrepreneurs, organizations, artists, real estate investors and home owners. 


Residential Design 



We want to accomplish well-being within any budget, because home is the starting point of every life style.

  • Renovations

  • Staging for selling

  • Flipping properties

  • Decoration

  • Styling

Commercial Design & 

Product Presentation 


We work closely with you to create a commercial space that reflects your concept, your branding, your marketing goals and your vision. We research the norms of your industry and spend time observing how employees work to find an effective and intelligent use of space.

  • Commercial spaces

  • Offices

  • Store fronts

  • Retail

  • Showrooms

Set Design



We can help you establish the style, the message and the vision of your story and capture it in your set’s visual environment. Set design for us has the power of making people feel and understand other life styles.

  • Exhibitions

  • Publicity sets

  • Theatre sets

  • Events

Construction Plans Drafting 



Whether you are a contractor, any other specialists of the construction industry or any one who is doing construction project, we can draw all the computerized construction plans of your projects according to the construction industry standards, to be used to present to your clients, city hall and to direct your team.

  • Demolition plans

  • Construction plans

  • Site plans

  • Electrical & plumbing plans 

  • 3D renderings

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First Consultation

We start with a one hour free meeting with you to get to know the general information about your project, budget and timeline. We will then send you an estimate of the service costs depending on the project's scope.



Once we have signed upon a contract, we will start getting into the details of the project. At this stage, we want to get to know you better: we will look at pictures together to get a sense of your tastes and vision. We will also visit the space to take pictures and measurements.


First Design Concepts

After seeing the space and talking with you, we will be able establish some options and ideas. We will present you options in the form of mood and inspiration boards so we can choose a definitive design concept together. 


Design & Drafting


Once the concept is decided, we can start drafting the demolition, construction, plumbing and electrical plans. After verifying the information with you and your builder, to make sure everything can be done, we start the 3D models. 



This is when the project management of the construction site starts. We stay in touch with your builder and visit the site regularly to make sure everything is going to plan. 



We will provide your builder with the finishing specifications: flooring, tiles, wall coverings, countertops, paint colors, lighting and plumbing. Upon your approval, we start ordering and coordinating the deliveries with the construction needs. 


Furniture & Accessories

We then start to shop for your furniture, accessories and art. Depending on your budget, we can provide you with a recommendation furniture plan that you can follow to your liking or we can go shopping with you help you make all the choices and coordinate deliveries.



This is when everything comes together! We can be present to place everything and put together the space perfectly with the help of a handyman to hang shelves, art, etc. We will also take our final pictures and make sure we have verified everything. 

Every project is different, some have specific needs and will require different steps. For example, an exhibition set won't include steps 5 & 6 with a builder. Your needs will be determined at our meetings and we will agree upon a timeline in our contract.

We love to try new things! If you have a project that is not listed here, don't be shy! we want to hear about it.