This commercial project was a mix of branding and interior design. The clients had the idea of the business they wanted to own, but had rented a space that was used for offices. They didn’t know where to start to make a juice bar out of it; what commercial equipment they needed for their products, how to create a work area for the employees, nor how to make an impressing statement as a business. They had their logo and they had their recipes. They showed us pictures of bars with countertops that lit up in all kinds of colors. They knew they wanted a lot of bright modern colors and lights with the same colors.

First, we researched the proper commercial equipments, electrical work and plumbing work which were going to be needed in the renovations. Then we studied the ergonomics of behind-the-counter working environments. We made sure the machines’ proximity to each other was a logical as possible so the employees efficiently pass from one activity to another. We also made sure that they had enough space to work comfortably with each other while serving the customers, who would also be comfortable in their movements; waiting in line, ordering and getting the product.

Then, we used the logo that the clients had to create continuity between the brand they were creating and the space they are using to pursue it. We used photoshop to print the same gradient of colors as on the logo to do the front of the counter and printed it on venyl covering that can be glued on wood. We chose a fun countertop color that also matched the logo. For the wall behind the counter, we also used photoshop, printed the images on a transparent venyl and glued them on a Plexiglas in which we put lights. We had to redo the ceiling because of water problems so we had fun, elevated the ceiling and created a modern look with the straight lines and the colorful lighting. By the way, the lights in the ceiling and the lights on the Plexiglas can be changed with a little remote into all the colors present in the logo. To bring in some materials and colors that keep the room grounded and professional we used stainless steel equipment and working counters that matched the cement-like flooring and gray brick accent wall.

We made a space that is impressive to the observer without being  overwhelming.  The thorough thinking and research process we put in the design of a space is what commercial design means to us.