For this projects, our clients dreamed of a bigger shower and a place to fit their new -and big- bathtub which they had already bought and loved. They had also already bought the vanity and mirror. This is a perfect example of meeting needs and dreams in a home.


We extended the bathroom into the closets of the adjoining rooms to create space for a daily shower under the skylight. We designed a back wall that accentuates nature being brought into the room by using ceramic that looks like wood, placed in vertical lines to guide the eye towards the light. We showcased the beautiful bath by putting it in a dynamical line. It makes the bath stand out but since it is in the direction of the skylight and that every other thing in the space is white, it still leaves the skylight as the focus element of the room. This keeps the space not overfilled but calm and bright.

We created a simple and relaxing space for our clients to enjoy in their home. As evident as it may be, the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a residence. Looking around and feeling happy and blessed every time one wakes up and comes back home is beautiful. That is for us the most important impact of residential design.